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The Controversial Item Ree Drummond Calls The Key To Her Happiness
Ree Drummond, AKA the Pioneer Woman, is known for creating delicious and simple recipes that are accessible to home cooks. Even though Drummond's recipes are loved by many, there are some that divide fans, notably her 2021 holiday cookie recipe, and now her salsa roja recipe.
In her cookbook, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier," Drummond professes her love for salsa roja, revealing that she keeps a jar of it in the fridge at all times. She blends fire-roasted tomatoes and soaked dried guajillo chiles for spice and flavor, and strains the mixture through a sieve.
Drummond’s labor-intensive recipe for salsa roja received only 3.5 stars from nine Food Network reviewers. While some reviewers complained about the recipe’s complexity, others said it is a labor-of-love that makes the robust flavor worth it, so the only way to know the salsa's merits is to make it yourself.