Perfect, Light, Fluffy and Buttery Scrambled Eggs on Toast.


The Cooking Method That Will Give Scrambled Eggs A Super Creamy Texture

Soft, silky, and creamy scrambled eggs can be difficult to achieve, especially if they are overheated during the cooking process.

One of the best techniques for creamy scrambled eggs is to place them in the pan while it is still cold, then cook over low heat, stirring often.

If cold-pan eggs are still not creamy enough for you, there’s a gentler method that gives even creamier results by using indirect heat via a bain-marie.

This 15-minute process is achieved by cooking eggs in a bowl perched atop a pan of simmering water. The steam from the water cooks the eggs while you constantly stir.

If that’s too much stirring, try the water bath method instead. Put the ingredients in a bag, place it in a 167° water bath for 16-17 minutes, and massage the bag every 5 minutes.