Bright and colorful charcuterie board platter and vegan Appetizer table

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The Costco Charcuterie Board That Has TikTok Drooling
Charcuterie boards are easy to assemble and hardly need to be ornate. In fact, chef and cookbook author Alison Roman encourages hosts to throw together a simple cheese plate to keep their guests sated and serve the charcuterie board without first cutting and portioning the cheese, allowing guests to do it themselves.
However, according to a viral TikTok video, one doesn't really have to choose between simplicity and over-the-top showmanship. Since a charcuterie board is arguably only as good as its cheese, the good news is that fans of the budget-conscious dairy products sold at Costco's warehouse stores can get some great cheese without spending a lot.
It seems likely that the charcuterie board in the viral TikTok video, which has amassed more than 180,000 likes, tastes just as good as it looks. In addition to a variety of cheeses (brie, garlic-basil, cabernet, and goat's milk), the creator includes four different fruits, a selection of cold cuts, nuts, and sweets — all purchased at Costco.
Reader's Digest even ranks the retailer's Kirkland-brand cheese among the 11 best items to buy, and it's generally inexpensive. The publication notes, "From goat cheese and Brie to Parmesan and Pecorino Romano, [Costco's] cheeses are cheesemonger-quality with warehouse prices."