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The Costco Ice Cream Twitter Can't Believe Exists
When it comes to desserts, Costco has quite the selection, like Boba Ice Cream Bars, the trendy La Vie Gourmand Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, and the Costco key lime pie. Lately, there is another dessert that sells in bulk and has Twitter appreciating an Asian candy: White Rabbit Ice Cream.
An individual posted a photo of the iconic ice cream bars on Twitter with the caption, “Went to Costco and these are so freaking good ... pls get,” which received over 5.4k likes. However, when one follower asked, “Amazing; does it replicate the rice paper somehow too?” they were told it doesn't, but it does have “a slight chewy texture just like the candy!”
Created in Shanghai, White Rabbit candy was given to President Richard Nixon as a present in 1972. Packaged in red, white, and blue wrappers with the iconic bunny, White Rabbit candy is similar to a Tootsie Roll with a vanilla flavor, and some areas have seen this candy popping up in all types of foods, including one bar that incorporated it into a cocktail.