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The Costco Meat Myth You Should Stop Believing, According To Reddit
Redditor and meat department veteran DropShotter exposed some of the major myths about Costco’s meats in the r/Costco subreddit. This person claimed to have spent the past 15 years as a meat department employee and wanted to dispel some of the most common rumors.
They exposed that meat with newer dates on the package doesn’t mean it’s better and “contributes to wasted food.” The USDA backs this claim up, saying that as long as a food item is consumed before its "Best if Used By/Before" date, it will taste good regardless of whether it was cut from the freshest batch.
DropShotter also confirmed that Costco tenderizes its meat because “blade tenderizing definitely adds tenderness.” They also dispelled risks of contamination and illnesses caused by mechanical tenderizing by confirming that Costco washes and sanitizes "the tenderizer every 4 hours to negate the possibility of bacteria.”