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The Costco Membership Benefit No One Knows About
The Costco maze seems to need a ton of insider information, and many members take satisfaction in knowing all the clever shopping tricks. Although everyone is aware of the free samples, even ardent supporters might overlook a less well-known benefit that comes with membership.
Costco members can take advantage of Costco’s water delivery service. Members simply select their preferred type of bottled water (spring or purified), available in three- or five-gallon bottles, then choose a water dispenser, which can pour hot and/or cold water, and schedule deliveries.
Costco facilitates the process but partners with a third-party affiliate, Ready Refresh, for the water and delivery service. Ready Refresh is owned by Nestle Waters North America and provides water brands under the massive company's umbrella and other brands by geographic location.
The company notes that water deliveries can be scheduled at various intervals and may change the amount of water delivered during the subscription. Though a minimum purchase of roughly $12 for each delivery is required, the overall cost of a subscription will be lower for Executive Members than Gold Star Members.