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The Costco Mini Desserts That Might Be Better Than The Originals
As Allison Leibovich, Technical Innovation Advisor at Cargill food corporation, explained, "Indulgence remains the top driver for shoppers purchasing baked treats, but given today's emphasis on healthy eating, many are looking for ways to mitigate the guilt." Hence, many Costco shoppers opt for mini versions of desserts, which might even be better than the original.
TikTok user @costcohotfinds, who spotted the raspberry mini cakes with buttercream icing, found them "so soft," with the icing being "absolutely delicious." Instagram user @costcobuys posted about the return of the snickerdoodle variety, a cinnamon cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, writing, that they are "so good." However, a couple of commenters disagreed.
On YouTube, the duo behind 5 Minute Eats gave the smaller version of classic chocolate chip cookies two thumbs up and described them as "soft," "very rich," and "very strongly-flavored," but said they wouldn't buy them that often. Of course, with 60 to a pack, buying them once could mean you're stocked up for a while!