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The Costco Mold Problem Reddit Is Fed Up With
Reddit is angry with Costco due to a mold problem in many of the chain’s fresh produce. Redditor TelephotoMoto claims to have lost $40-worth of fresh mushrooms and berries to mold as soon as they opened the packets, while other users reported getting spoiled cheese, pork, and strawberries.
One Reddit user described Costco’s groceries as ”expensive and often moldy,” and another claimed they found earwigs inside a pack of peaches. Redditors recommend thoroughly examining the food before buying it, checking the expiration date, and properly storing fresh produce at home.
Many users also suggest returning the spoiled products with the receipt to get a refund, in the hopes that multiple returns might trigger Costco to realize the extent of their mold problem. Thanks to Costco’s “100% satisfaction guarantee,” items can be returned to any Costco store for a full refund.