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The Costco Perk That Has TikTok Mind-Boggled

TikTok user @legacyinvestingshow recently posted a video about Costco's return policy, giving the company yet another reason to be called "the best store on the planet." In the video, the TikTok user walks through the process of returning a large couch he had purchased years ago without the proof of a receipt.

In the parody, the user pretends to be a Costco customer service rep, offering cash or a check for the broken couch, based on the company's ability to look up his membership activity while in-store. No receipt is required! The user made a point of noting that electronics and alcohol are not eligible for return.

TikTok users had a lot to say in response to the 27-second video. Most viewers confirmed the policy, with one stating, "One of the reasons why I love Costco," and while there was a bit of debate on the return of electronics, some claimed to have been able to return laptops and AirPods way past the 90-day guarantee.