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The Costco Pizza Hack You Need To Know
The 18-inch Costco pizza that you get for just $9.95 at the food court comes with three standard options — cheese, pepperoni, and combo — all of which are loaded to hilt with toppings. However, there’s something you may not know: you can order a custom pizza and modify it to fit your family’s needs, although you will be limited to the toppings available.
According to the Instagram user, GeekyMomAdventures, “We found out that although it's not on the menu board, you can actually order a pepperoni and sausage pizza. This blew our minds and has since been our go-to for dinner on Costco night.”
However, the user mentions that the pizza menu hack is only available if you order a whole pie, and not just a single slice. Redditors have also warned that the ability to customize your pizza varies by location, but it's certainly worth trying next time you hit the Costco food court.