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The Costco Tea That's Turning Heads In All The Right Ways
Costco keeps people interested in shopping from their aisles by offering an assortment of unique products and bulk buys. One such item that is getting a lot of Reddit attention is a tea mix called Balance Grow Honey Citron & Ginger Tea.
When one Redditor posted a picture of the tea mix to the r/Costco subreddit, asking if anyone had ever tried it, the response was primarily positive. One user even enumerated some of its potential applications, commenting, "Just so you know what you're getting into. It's been over a year and am ¾ full still. I've used it as marmalade, thrown in muffins or made a cake with it.”
As one Redditor praised the largeness of the 70.55-ounce jar, noting, "We will likely never reach the bottom," another offered some advice on its best usage, saying, "It's great but very sweet. I generally put it in black tea, so it cuts the sweetness." Others even touted its medicinal benefits, with one stating, "It's great and helped relieve my sore throat. Just add it to hot water."