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The Costco Watermelon Vandalism That Stumped Reddit
While the free samples at Costco are half the reason to go to the supermarket chain, it isn’t very nice to walk into their store and open random boxes to sample the items that you like. However, someone has taken a chunk out of a Costco watermelon, and Reddit suspects that it could be related to sampling.
A Redditor posted a photo of a watermelon at Costco with a chunk taken out of its middle and captioned it: “I guess whoever did it wanted a sample.” Others joined the thread with jokes like, “I've been screwed by the last two watermelons from Costco. Wish I could've taken a core sample to verify!” while another quipped, “Pour a bottle of vodka in that.”
However, several less-amused Redditors provided logical explanations for the vandalized watermelon, with one experienced watermelon seller noting that it isn’t unusual to check a watermelon’s ripeness by stabbing it. Another user weighed in that the chunk was removed by Costco itself to showcase that the watermelon is “ripe and ready.”