MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 27: Andrew Zimmer performs a cooking demo onstage at the Grand Tasting Village during the 2022 South Beach Wine And Food Festival on February 27, 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

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The Country Andrew Zimmern Wishes He'd Visited For Bizarre Foods
Andrew Zimmern visited more than 50 countries as the host of "Bizarre Foods", and ate many gross foods that you’d find revolting, depending on the perspective of what qualifies as disgusting. Even though "Bizarre Foods" took Zimmern to several countries, he still has bucket lists: one such country is the Czech Republic.
Zimmern’s crew has never visited the Czech Republic, and it's the one place he always wanted to go. The celebrity chef disclosed during a web Q & A session with fans, via YouTube that his initial destination would be the Czech Republic if the show came back for another run, "We never made it to the Czech Republic," he divulged, adding "Would love to go."
He also expresses a wish to visit war-torn Afghanistan — now back under Taliban control — elaborating "And I know there's so much trouble [...] but I believe in the power of food to make positive change in the world." Finally, the TV personality said he would like to travel to Uruguay, which is the only country in South America he has not yet visited.