Istanbul, Turkey - March 25, 2011: A can of Coca Cola isolated on white background.

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The Country That Consumes The Most Coke Products Per Year
Although an average American guzzles down 403 eight-ounce cups of Coke in a year, it still doesn’t make the United States the biggest consumer of the drink. In fact, the United States' southern neighbor, Mexico, holds the first position on this not-so-prestigious list since 2019.
Coca-Cola's income from Mexican assets amounted to almost $9 billion in 2020, which was only slightly less than its high in pre-pandemic 2019. This is a testimony to the multinational enterprise's grip on the Mexican market.
In 2021, the average Mexican drank approximately 634 servings of 8-ounce Coke products, which is 40% more than what the average American consumes. USA Today warns that sugary drinks may be more of a health risk in Mexico than violent crime.