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The Country That Produces Most Of
The World's Saffron Supply
Calling saffron expensive is an understatement — one kilogram of authentic saffron costs over $10,000. Harvesting saffron is also a tedious and laborious task, as 75,000 saffron flowers give a yield of 225,000 stigmas that helps create just one pound of saffron.
While countries like India, Greece, Afghanistan, Spain, and Morocco produce saffron, Iran takes the crown as the world's largest producer of finest-quality saffron, producing 90% of the world’s saffron. Iran's dry, sunny climate is perfect for growing the spice, and it has a rich history in Persian cuisine and culture.
Iran exported 206 tons of saffron to 52 countries in 2021, and the increasing demand for organic ingredients and consumer awareness is helping boost sales and market growth of the spice. Moreover, this highly expensive spice packed with antioxidants has numerous potential health benefits, including fighting cancer, preventing nervous system disorders, and more.