Cracker Barrel Restaurant and Old Country Store roadside sign. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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The Cracker Barrel Fury Continues With The New Fried Pickle
In recent times, adding new items to the longstanding Cracker Barrel menu that fail to fall within the typical bounds of the at-home country store has been quite controversial. The new Impossible sausage that was added to the breakfast menu had Cracker Barrel fans seeing red, and now, the debate continues over another meatless menu inclusion.
In early August 2022, the country store updated its Facebook page to entice fans over the new Country Fried Pickles with the tagline "Bite Sized & Country Fried," and received several heated comments. One user complained, "There's no meat on that plate! This is downright unAmerican" while another wanted Cracker Barrel to change its "menu back [to] like it was pre-COVID."
Some Facebook users didn't understand how fried pickles could spark political debate, yet the post saw over 300 comments on the meaning behind breaded cucumbers. However, with its promotion of the new Kick n' Ranch Fried Chicken as the chain's cover photo on Facebook and primary image on its website, Cracker Barrel continues to advertise for meat lovers as well.