(GERMANY OUT) Niederlande, Utrecht: Filiale der Supermarktkette Aldi. (Photo by JOKER/Alexander Stein/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

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The Crispy Aldi Treat Reddit Is Absolutely Roasting
The popularity of Rice Krispies Treats by Kellogg’s has spawned several imitators, whether store or wholesale brands are copying the treats exactly or adding a twist. Supermarket chain Aldi sells its own gluten-free version of the cereal and marshmallow squares, but customers on Reddit aren't vibing with the product.
A Redditor shared an image of Aldi’s Millville gluten-free Crispy Rice Treats, writing that “they're SUPERIOR to the regular rice krispy treats” and describing the originals as “awfully sweet, very tiny, and super artificial tasting.” The reactions were blunt, with one commenter stating, “My family gave these a hard pass,” and another adding, “Very not good.”
One user described the flavor profile of the Treats as “like cardboard,” while another simply called them “Trash.” Other comments included suggestions for homemade alternatives, with one user writing, “Aldi's marshmallows and Rice krispies dupe cereal taste great together,” and another suggesting to “Add a pinch of salt when you are melting the marshmallows.”