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The Denny's Breakfast That Costs $300
Denny’s uses a lot of hacks to keep their food so cheap, with some value meals going for as low as $2. However, there was a Grand Slam breakfast at a New York Denny’s that cost a whopping $300, and it had nothing to do with the eggs or pancakes.
At this Denny’s, you could order two Grand Slam entrees of pancakes and bacon with a bottle of Dom Perignon Premier Cru champagne dating back to 2003. Surprisingly, if you did want a vintage Dom Perignon bottle, the Denny’s special was the cheapest way to get it, because it actually went for $100 less than what you’d pay at other restaurants.
However, this is all in the past tense, because the Manhattan Denny’s that served this big-budget breakfast shut down in 2018. The reason behind the foreclosure was because it wasn’t “financially sustainable,” so perhaps Denny’s should stick to coffee and pancakes.