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The Detroit Hot Dog Feud That's Been Raging For Decades

Two Greek brothers came to America in the early 1900s in the hopes of living the American dream. They both ventured into the hot dog restaurant business in downtown Detroit, Michigan, which unfortunately turned into a hot dog rivalry that continues to this day.

Greek immigrant Constantine "Gust" Keros opened the hot dog restaurant American Coney Island in 1917, and he brought his brother Bill over to help with the business. However, in 1924, Bill decided to open his restaurant, Lafayette Coney Island, directly next to his brother's.

The Detroit Historical Society attempted to distinguish between American Coney and Lafayette hot dogs, ultimately deciding that American serves its dogs with a spicier house-made chili, while Lafayette uses a beefier style of chili. The "feud" was even featured on "Food Wars,” and while there will never be a clear answer, most Detroit citizens are always happy to have a Coney Island dog from their favorite vendor.