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The Discontinued Menu Item McDonald's Employees Couldn't Stand

The McWrap

McDonald’s discontinued the McWrap in 2016, because it apparently failed to attract millennial customers. The real reason, however, was that employees complained it took too long to prepare, with multiple orders of the McWrap slowing down entire process lines.

The McPizza

The long-forgotten McPizza also earned McDonald’s employees’ disdain, since it took a whopping 10 minutes to prepare. Not only was the box it came in difficult to fit through the drive-thru window, but customers also complained that its taste wasn’t worth the time or money.

All-Day Breakfast

Even though customers loved McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast, the employees weren’t so enthusiastic about the idea. While not the worst decision, preparing breakfast items during lunch and dinner just piled more tasks and complications onto the already overworked employees.

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