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The Dish Ryan Gosling Could Eat Every Single Day
While Men's Journal revealed that Ryan Gosling ate "bananas and protein shakes" to prepare for the 2011 movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love," Emma Stone told Vanity Fair that the actor has an obsession with Twizzlers. However, in an interview with Netflix's Latin American YouTube channel promoting "The Gray Man," Gosling revealed that a dish he could eat every day is arroz con leche.
Moreover, it's not just any arroz con leche, but the one made by his partner Eva Mendes' mother, who comes from a Cuban background. Arroz con leche, which Gosling describes as "an angel crying on your tongue," is popular in Latin America and Spain. The dish usually consists of rice, milk, water, sugar, and cinnamon, but it can also be enriched with vanilla and raisins.
While an ordinary American rice pudding is usually made with leftover rice, arroz con leche is made by cooking rice in a mixture of milk and cinnamon, often with the addition of condensed milk. The combination of these ingredients is pretty versatile as the dessert can be served warm or enjoyed cold as a refreshing treat.