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The Disturbing Checkout Scam Walmart Is Being Accused Of
Walmart might be known for its low prices, but this recent accusation has customers wondering if they’re actually getting the low prices they were promised. In July 2022, TikTok user @brennasbakery uploaded a video warning Walmart shoppers about price discrepancies.
Brenna noticed that the baking chocolate she was buying was listed as $2.62 in-store and online, but was priced at $4.00 by the register. She notified the cashier, who corrected the price, and also noticed that five other items were rung up as more expensive than their listed prices.
While many TikTokers claimed to have had the same experience, others weren’t as eager to jump to conclusions, saying that someone may have forgotten to change the prices. Walmart responded by thanking Brenna and encouraged shoppers to point out similar inaccuracies.