BLOOMSBURG, UNITED STATES - 2022/02/10: A view of a McDonald's food restaurant logo sign. (Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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The Disturbing Reason A California McDonald's Just Closed
On June 2, Sanger Live posted a disturbing video on their Facebook page about the McDonald’s on Academy Avenue in Sanger, CA. In the video shared by restaurant employees, roaches and rodents can be seen scurrying around the drink stations and in the dirty kitchen where employees are preparing food.
Sanger Live's founder told the Fresno Bee that the footage was taken by workers who were afraid of being fired. The footage also showed dead mice stuck on glue traps, a live one scurrying between employees' feet, cockroaches crawling up the walls, and beverage containers stored on the floor amongst all this.
The Fresno County Health Division confirmed to the Fresno Bee that they were looking into the conditions, but couldn't make any more comments. According to a post on the Sanger Live Facebook account, employees are also being kept in the dark about when they will re-open and shifts will resume.