BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 15: Shrimp and pork wonton soup in a bowl at NiHao photographed for Magazine in Baltimore, MD on October 15, 2020. (Photo by Laura Chase de Formigny for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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The Dumplings Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Stop Raving About
Although there are many dumpling types, like potstickers and wontons, the key to finding the perfect frozen dumplings seems to lie in their tastiness and their construction, per internet dumpling fans. A Reddit post states that there is a certain brand of frozen dumplings sold by Trader Joe's that meets all the requirements for a perfect dumpling feast.
A Reddit post under r/traderjoes has become a hub for fellow frozen dumpling fans to express their disbelief over the quality of Trader Joe’s Steamed Pork and Ginger Soup Dumplings. A popular style of dumpling delicately filled with liquid, these plump, soup-filled parcels have been revamped by the grocery chain by adding a hefty dose of ginger to the mix.
Redditors shared how impressed they were with Trader Joe's frozen soup dumpling game in the forum. One user commented on the dumplings’ authenticity, but expressed disappointment at the packaging: “I thought these were great. [...] Hate the packaging though”, while others commented about their adoration for the taste of the dumplings.