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The Easy Costco Hack For Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck On Steak

Over the years, Costco shoppers have come up with as many Costco hacks as there are products, and some of these hacks can truly help shoppers save real money. One such viral hack comes from TikTok user Tiffany, aka @rootsandknuckles, and it's a cost-saving trick for those high-quality steaks Costco sells.

In the video, Tiffany shows viewers a pack of five USDA Prime New York Strip steaks, which, at $19.99 a pound, rings up to a little over $85. However, she puts it down and grabs a whole top loin, which is the cut of meat New York Strip steaks come from, and costs $174.90 — nearly $90 more than the initial package.

The per pound price on that loin is $11.89 as opposed to $19.99 for the package of steaks, so Tiffany buys the loin and cuts 15 steaks from it, reducing the final per-steak price to $11.66. She would have paid around $17 per steak if she had bought the pack of five steaks, meaning this hack can help save money in the long run.