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The Easy Hack For Grating Parmesan Cheese
Grating cheese is never a fun task, especially if your grater is dangerously sharp. There are some popular "hacks" for grating cheese, such as moving your hand in a horizontal motion to avoid scraping your knuckles, but here’s an even quicker and safer method to grate hard cheeses like parmesan.
The only equipment you need for this method is a knife, a blender, and a container with an airtight lid. Cut the parmesan cheese into squares, then pulse them in the blender until they're the perfect size for your needs; then, store your grated cheese in the airtight container.
It’s best to use the grated parmesan within two weeks, before the cheese loses its flavor. An experiment by Cook's Illustrated found that shredded parmesan loses most of its flavor when stored for a month, but there was no discernible taste difference in the first two weeks.