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The Failed Papa John's Order That Had Reddit Cracking Up
While Papa John’s reaps the benefits of online sale boosts, a particular pizza order to the chain gave Redditors a hilarious laugh. The pizza was supposed to feature every topping of a BBQ meat feast, but instead, the customer accidentally removed them all — leaving only a plain barbecue base.
The uploader Crunch1eTwix placed the order after a night at a pub and never realized Papa John’s was removing all the pizza toppings. "Must have been a great night at the pub" remarked one Redditor, while another described it as being like toast.
Mozzarella, bacon, pepperoni, spicy beef, ham, and sausage are the pizza's standard ingredients, notes Papa John's. However, the customer did manage to request a garlic pizza stick and three garlic dips, which a Redditor suggested might have helped "wash it down." One commenter described the order as "Heartbreaking".