Scrambled eggs on whole grain toast

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The Fancy Butter Chefs Use To Elevate Classic Scrambled Eggs
There are several ways to perfect scrambled eggs — delaying the addition of salt, cooking them in a non-stick pan, using the low and slow cooking method, and using high-quality eggs. You should also choose the right butter, and there’s one particular high-quality butter that chefs swear by.
Per Ryan Ratino, chef and restaurant owner, Kerrygold butter is the best for making scrambled eggs and toast, as its high butterfat content “makes dishes have a richer flavor and creamier texture.” Other pros like Martha Stewart also think high-quality clarified butter like Kerrygold is perfect for scrambled eggs.
Clarified butter like Kerrygold is processed such that water and milk elements are removed, making the end product richer in flavor and more concentrated in taste. Additionally, clarified butter has a high smoke point, so it's also perfect for pan-searing food; overall, Kerrygold is a key ingredient for many chefs.