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The Fast-Food Restaurant You Probably Forgot The Queen Owned

As the head of state, Queen Elizabeth II owned an eclectic variety of properties under the Crown Estate, including race courses, hotels, castles, an offshore energy compound, and a particularly posh outpost of one of the world's largest fast-food franchises. That's right — the McDonald’s at Oxfordshire's Banbury Gateway Shopping Park was owned by the queen, and it shows.

In 2017, Insider U.K. took a lengthy journey from London to pay a visit to the Oxfordshire McDonald's owned by Queen Elizabeth II. Immediately upon arrival, Insider remarked that the restaurant "immediately felt different to most McDonald's."

Instead of the franchise's usual decor, the stately outpost is decked out with coveted Eames chairs and curved leather sofa benches, while sleek digital menu boards and tablets offer the now-ubiquitous luxury of contact-free ordering. We don't imagine the queen went out of her way to reign over this particular McDonald's, but because it was located on property owned by the Crown Estate, she decided to grace it with her signature touch.