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The Flour Mistake That Will Leave You With Dense Pizza Dough
Making your own pizza dough can majorly upgrade your homemade pizza. You can even elevate the dough by adding garlic powder for extra zest or honey for a sweet and savory effect, but there’s a common flour mistake you must avoid if you want the resulting dough to be perfect.
Using too much flour inevitably results in a dense pizza dough because of the low hydration levels in the mixture. Per The Pizza Heaven, "The simple solution is therefore to add less flour. The higher the hydration (the more water the dough contains), the softer, stretchier, and more pliable it will be."
The website adds that the amount of water in the recipe should be about 70% of the amount of flour for the best dough. However, if you end up mixing too much flour into your dough, just add a bit more liquid or fat — be it water, eggs, butter, oil, or whatever your recipe calls for — and keep adding it until you get your desired consistency.