Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, Dollar Tree store, a discount variety store is a fortune 500 company. (Photo by: Michael Siluk/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

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The Frozen Food You Should Avoid At Dollar Tree, According To Employees
Green America's expose revealed that a majority of products from dollar stores — such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar — contained one or more hazardous toxins. Apart from criticisms about ribs made of "fake meat" to chicken made from meat slurry, you may also want to skip over a certain type of frozen food.
A Dollar Tree employee known only as Brenda gave customers "insider's advice" to avoid the frozen fish and meat, like Dollar Tree's $1 steaks. It’s mainly because she doesn't trust any seafood or meat product that can be sold at so low prices. Nate, a store manager, also claimed that the steaks don’t cook well and described them as “rubber”.
WCPO in Cincinnati ran a taste test with these types of cheap steaks using firefighters as its taste-testers. The responses from each fireman ranged from being unsure of what they ate even was meat to saying that "it wasn't terrible."