A spoon taking a portion out of a chicken pot pie.

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The Genius Store-Bought Hack For Making Chicken Pot Pie In A Snap

There’s nothing like Southern comfort food to bring a homey atmosphere into your kitchen, but cooking comfort food from scratch can take some time and prep. Thankfully, there are a lot of shortcuts to getting a hot dinner on the table, including using canned soup as a filling for chicken pot pie.

All you need is a can of chicken soup, preferably with some vegetables in it — for a texture that's more similar to chicken pot pie, it's best to get a creamy, chunkier soup. You’ll likely need to thicken the soup by heating it up on the stove and making a cornstarch slurry or flour roux, or by adding some cheese to your pot pie.

Once you’re done thickening the soup, pour it into a baking pan and add a pie crust or biscuits on top. If you're also putting a pie crust on the bottom of the dish, it should be baked alone before adding the soupy filling so that your pie isn't too soggy, then you can enjoy your easy, homemade chicken pot pie!