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The Genius Way Trisha Yearwood Stores Butter

Country music star Trisha Yearwood loves sharing her favorite recipes and other kitchen tips on her show “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,” which airs every Saturday on the Food Network. In a video posted on Delish’s Twitter account, one specific kitchen trick caught a lot of attention.

Yearwood showed her viewers a glimpse of her kitchen space and her random miniature items. The most unexpected secret revealed is not the expertly-prepared pantry; instead, it's the drawer where she stores her butter, ensuring it stays at room temperature.

Yearwood has said that she often is in need of room-temperature butter for cakes or other recipes, so the drawer comes in handy. According to Foodal, storing butter at room temperature is entirely safe, as long as the butter stays covered, but you should obviously throw it out if it starts smelling or tasting bad.

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