Grilled Cheese Sandwich-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

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The Grilled Cheese Hack That Guarantees All Cheese Is Melted To Perfection
Grilled cheese is beloved for its simplicity, and that simplicity also leaves room for plenty of customizations and improvements. Your choice of cheese, the right pan temperature for that crispy but gooey texture, and a tip from a notable chef can help you get this classic sandwich recipe down to a science at home.
To get a desirable melt on your cheese, follow Chef Luke Zahm’s method: "I begin the melting process by adding the cheese to the griddle on its own, then adding the buttered bread, then adding the cheese that's melted to the toasted bread." This ensures that the fundamental gooey texture makes it to the final product.
Your choice of bread can also potentially upgrade your grilled cheese — sourdough or even ciabatta can provide a nice rustic flavor while still maintaining crunchiness. With these tips and an array of your favorite cheeses, you can make a grilled cheese that will make everyone happy once they take that first bite.