Vertical image of a dessert spice cake at Christmas time in a holiday setting with lights and ornaments.


The Grocery Store That's Utilized The Same Fruit Cake Recipe For Over 50 Years
Publix, the Southern grocery chain, has a fruit cake that was created over 50 years ago by Dale Olinger, the store's first bakery manager, and the recipe remains unchanged.
Each of the stores either has an on-site bakery or has fresh products delivered from the chain's bakery plant, including its seasonal items like the 13-ounce fruit cake.
The cake consists of candied fruit, including pineapples, cherries, and golden raisins. Unlike a classic fruit cake, Publix’s does not contain rum, making it more accessible to everyone.
In place of rum, it uses a sweet glaze made with corn syrup. The store only sells this as a seasonal item, but it can last two to three months when refrigerated.