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The Gross Reason Reddit Is Worried About Costco's Rotisserie Chicken

Costo's $4.99, 3-pound rotisserie chicken is one of its most popular signature items, but the bird has been subject to a controversy, from difficult working conditions for employees who prepare the chickens to inhumane animal practices at Costco's farms. Now, Reddit has a bone to pick with the quality of the final product.

In August 2022, a Reddit user posted a questionable picture of their Costco chicken, writing that there was "a pool of suspicious wet globs inside the chest cavity." While other users commented that the chicken was likely safe to eat, another Redditor expressed concern that the bird wasn't properly cooked, writing "when in doubt, don't eat it."

Additionally, a three year-old thread in the r/Costco subreddit complains about "Raw rotisserie chicken again and again." In the thread, a few Costco employees said that when the grocery chain's chickens arrive at the warehouse cold, it can make "the meat look very pinkish, even if cooked beyond safe temperatures."

Whether you choose to continue buying Costco's rotisserie chickens or you feel too unsure about the product's quality, one thing you must remember is that undercooked chicken is not worth any price, no matter how affordable. Many shoppers will likely reconsider saving money on this cost-effective favorite in the future.