A traditional Spanish omelette

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The Hearty Frittata Alternative You Should Be Serving At Your Next Brunch
If you find yourself getting hungry minutes after finishing a meager frittata slice at brunch, tortilla española could be the breakfast for you. Though it has the word tortilla in its name, this dish has nothing to do with the corn or flour tortillas fans of Mexican food might think about — in Spain, a tortilla is actually an omelet.
A Spanish tortilla can be filled with all sorts of ingredients, but is traditionally a combination of eggs, hearty fried potatoes, and sometimes onions. Tortilla española is versatile and perfect for eating at other meals depending on what ingredients you include, along with being a great dish to start your day.
You can add your own favorite ingredients to a Spanish tortilla, even if it's not traditional. Add onions, seasonal vegetables, your favorite breakfast meat, or cheese to amp up the flavor, and serve your version of tortilla española piping hot, warm, or even cold with a side of aioli for dipping.