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The Hell's Kitchen Meal That Has Reddit Raving

Las Vegas has its very own "Hell's Kitchen" restaurant, where diners can eat signature dishes from Gordon Ramsay's reality TV cooking competition. Reddit user "Hooch_Pandersnatch" dined at the restaurant, located in front of Caesar's Palace, and shared a photo of one dish in particular, causing other users to rave over how amazing it looked.

The dish in question is Gordon Ramsay's famous beef Wellington, which consists of tender beef wrapped in puff pastry with mushroom duxelles sandwiched in between. The dish currently goes for $69.95 at the Hell's Kitchen restaurant and is accompanied by potato purée and root veggies, according to Caesar Palace’s menu.

For $89.95 per person, diners can upgrade the dish to a three-course meal of pan-seared scallops, beef Wellington, and sticky toffee pudding. One Redditor commented on the photo, "This is making me very excited about my reservation there next month," while another said "the Wellington is superb, but the mashed potatoes are godlike."