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The High-Tech Kitchen Item Costco Shoppers Are Running
To Buy
The Instagram account @costcobuys recently shared a clip of the Frigidaire countertop self-cleaning ice maker that recently hit Costco shelves, and shoppers are freaking out in the comments. According to the post, the appliance, which can make up to 26 pounds of bullet-shaped ice in a day and doesn't take up much counter space, is now available at their Costco location for $89.99.
On Amazon, where the ice maker is currently sold out and retails for $108, it has an average 4.5-star rating from over 2,200 reviews. "This may be the best thing I have bought this year," one person raved, while another said, "Now I can make ice whenever I want, as much as I want."
The blogger behind Shopping with Dave also had positive things to say about the ice maker and recommended it for use by one or two people given its smaller size. However, on Instagram, a user called it "the worst purchase I've ever made," and another wrote, "All those countertop ice makers stop working properly or outright break after a year. Always have problems."