HONG KONG, CHINA - 2021/01/08: Pedestrians wearing face masks cross the street at a traffic light in front of the American multinational fast-food hamburger restaurant chain McDonald's in Hong Kong. (Photo by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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The Hilarious Sign Feud McDonald's And Dairy Queen Started

Fast food giants have been competing with each other for a long time. Recently, a McDonald's and Dairy Queen, located along a stretch of highway in Marshfield, Missouri, began leveling up their feud with hilarious signs.

McDonald's was the first to throw down, saying, "Hey, DQ. Wanna have a sign war?" to which the ice cream giant replied, "We would, but we're 2 busy making ice cream," throwing shade to McD's longtime ice cream problem. McDonald's responded, "That's cute our ice cream makes itself," but DQ did not back down, saying, "You mean it actually works? Shocker."

Several other businesses got in on the fun with signs of their own, and more than a million people on Facebook enjoyed the mutual roasting between the fast-food stalwarts. The Big Mac concluded the fight with "Wow, salty. Like our world-famous fries."