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The Hilarious Way Dunkin' Responded To An Iced Coffee Review
On Instagram, donut giant Dunkin' recently shared a five-star review by a patron whose name was blacked out for privacy reasons. The reviewer went to great lengths to express their emotions, saying "You could chain a lion to the front door, and I would still find a way to get my iced coffee," adding that, were it possible they would give the product, "six out of five stars."
In response, Dunkin' wrote, "BRB framing this review," along with a crying laughing emoji. The breakfast and pastry juggernaut also noted that "Iced coffee drinkers are a different breed." — a breed that probably appreciates the low-calorie, high-caffeine punch that comes along with every iced coffee.
Iced coffee, apparently, is one of the things that form an unbreakable bond between people. In response to the "different breed" comment, one coffee drinker concurred, "We totally are," adding that they enjoy, "Iced coffee no matter how damn cold it is."