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The Hot Sauce Brand Ree Drummond Swears By
Several celebrities have particular go-to hot sauces when it comes to spicing up their dishes — LeVar Burton, for example, can't get enough Truff, Andrew Zimmern craves Hot Sloth CBD Sauce, and David Chang has a weakness for Crystal. Similarly, Ree Drummond a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman is a true loyalist of Cholula.
Drummond's official website offers a breakdown of the 18 best hot sauces on the market, and the top spot obviously belongs to Cholula — as Drummond herself proclaims, "My favorite is Cholula all the way!" She even expressed her adoration for the stuff by posting a photo of an array of bottles on Instagram in 2014 with the caption, "All you need is love. And Cholula."
A whole lot of consumers agree as well, since the versatile, affordable, pleasantly tangy, just-spicy-enough sauce is one of the most popular in America. Over the years, Drummond has incorporated Cholula into several of her delicious recipes, including spicy chicken sandwiches and enchiladas.