Tuna sandwich. It is a quick, simple and nutritious recipe, Healthy food, delicious snack very popular in many countries.

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The Hot Tip That Will Change The Way You Make Tuna Salad Forever
Apart from the only mandatory ingredients — tuna and mayo — that hold tuna salad together, you can add multiple elements like crisp lettuce, crunchy potato chips, or crumbly bacon to break up the monotony of the texturally bland dish. You can also add spices that will take your tuna up a notch including curry powder, dill, or lemon pepper because of their bold flavors.
But if you're bored with your regular tuna salad, adding pickled jalapeño juice to your tuna salad can give it a creamier texture, as it mixes in nicely with the mayo. According to Men's Health, pickled jalapeño juice also gives tuna salad "a bite and a burn.” as they are middle of the road in terms of heat level, but can still pack some punch, so be careful with the juice.
Barefeet in the Kitchen notes two tablespoons of the pickled jalapeno juice in its recipe but recommends starting with less and increasing from there if needed. You can also pit an avocado and scoop your spicy tuna salad into its divot, as the smoothness of the avocado compliments the creaminess of the tuna salad while also taming the heat of the jalapeño.