Pouring a glass of whisky with ice from a decanter, in a dark background.

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The Ice-In-Scotch Lie You Shouldn't Fall For Anymore
Scotch might sound like a simple drink, but if it’s your drink of choice, you know that how you prefer to drink it can be contentious; some like their malt with a dash of water or Coke while others savor it with an ice cube. Purists would have you believe that adding anything — even ice — to Scotch will ruin its complexity, but the truth isn’t so straightforward.
The main reason connoisseurs crinkle their noses at adding ice to Scotch is a misguided belief that it causes the liquor to break and lose aroma. However, as far as aroma is concerned, the aromatic compounds of Scotch enter the nose through the back of the mouth, so even with ice, Scotch will warm up in the mouth and none of the aromas will be lost.
Some spirit makers take the other side of the argument, going so far as to approve of added water or ice because it can bring out more flavors in Scotch. Regardless, you should drink Scotch the way you enjoy it best, but if you do prefer yours with ice, opt for larger cubes, which won’t dilute the liquor as much as smaller cubes.