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The Iconic Dessert Costco Shoppers Wish Was Available Nationwide
You may not know that Michigan's cherries are considered some of the best around, especially the Montmorency tart cherry, with its prized flavor and high nutritional content. Now, a very special item featuring this very special cherry is popping up in Costco bakery sections across America: the Junior's Michigan Cherry Layer Cake.
Instagram account Costco Buys spotted this fan-favorite layer cake at their local store, and described it as "layers of vanilla cake, Michigan cherry filling, vanilla buttercream, and a vanilla cookie crunch!”. The 7-inch cake is made by Junior's, a 72-year-old New York cheesecake business that some consider to be the best in the world.
Unfortunately, many excited Costco shoppers soon realized this cake isn't available nationwide. “Why is this not in Alabama?” one commenter lamented; another said, “We never get these awesome treats at my local Costco.” Funnily enough, Michigan shoppers couldn't seem to find the Michigan Cherry Layer Cake at their stores.