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The Ingenious Way To Use The Built-In Hole On The Opening Tabs Of Soda Cans
If you've ever used a straw to drink soda from a can, you know it can leave you awkwardly moving your mouth around while you try to find it. To fix this, all you have to do is utilize the hole in a soda can’s pull tab that may seem meaningless at first, but can serve a specific purpose.
Various internet sources insist that the purpose of the hole is to hold your straw — just bend the soda tab backward and insert your straw into the hole. While useful, this likely wasn’t the original purpose of the soda tab’s hole; the first soda cans in the 1960s included a hole for the index finger to pull the tab off, and the design probably just stuck.
The retro removable pull tabs became a litter problem that affected both humans and wildlife, so the modern stay-on tab was the solution. There is little evidence to support the claim that "straw-stabilizing" was its intended purpose, and the hole is likely the result of mimicking the removable pull tab's original design.