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The Internet Is In Shambles After Costco Raised The Price Of A Food Court Fave
Two of the most classic Costco food court items are supposedly getting a price increase, and people on TikTok and Reddit are not taking it well. The $1.50 hot dogs and rotisserie chickens are safe from inflation for now, but Costco's soda and chicken bake are apparently about to get more expensive.
What used to be a $2.99 chicken bake and $0.59 soda at the Costco food court won’t be the same again, according to a Redditor. They posted a picture of their Costco food court menu, reflecting that the chicken bake will be a full dollar more expensive, costing $3.99, while the soda will now be $0.69.
One Redditor wanted to know, “Who at Costco HQ lost a limb for this price increase?” while a TikTok user said, “A whole $1? When I heard about the price hikes I thought it'd be like $0.50.” However, some people were a little more comforting in their comments, with one saying, “The Costco hot dog and drink for $1.50 will always be there for us.”