Washington, DC - September 21, 2014: Top to bottom -Charcuterie board -  tigelle (italian bread), curried pork pate, thai pickles, tete de pho, pickled mustard seeds, Red Apron mustard, and bacon liverwurst, The Partisan, Washington, DC. (Photo by Joseph Victor Stefanchik for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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The Internet Is Obsessed With Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Boards
Although the 1993 movie “Hocus Pocus” came out with lackluster reviews, it achieved the status of a cult classic with time. With charcuterie boards gaining popularity in recent years, it makes sense that the two popular concepts of “Hocus Pocus” and cheese boards coming together would create a viral sensation.
A viral TikTok video from @rachplusfive shows the user putting a cheese board together as “I Put a Spell on You” from “Hocus Pocus” plays in the background. The board depicts the Sanderson sisters (the three witches from the film) with cheese-wheel faces, edible eyes and mouths, and their iconic hairstyles recreated with crumbled cheddar, salami, and blackberries.
Viewers approved of the creative board, and the Freeform channel called it the “perfect snack board for watching Hocus Pocus.” It was Courtney Wright who first popularized the trend of “Hocus Pocus” charcuterie boards on Instagram in 2020 and followed it up in 2022 with a sweeter version of the snack, created with candies and giant marshmallows.