Classic Coke can seen from above with its ring pulled, isolated on white

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The Internet Still Doesn't Quite Know What Coca-Cola Move Tastes Like
Sometimes new beverage flavors are so abstract, we can't put our finger on how to describe them. The latest mysterious beverage comes from none other than Coca-Cola, who has partnered with Grammy award-winning singer Rosalía to create a confounding concoction that fans can't quite figure out.
Coca-Cola Move is the latest in the brand's Creations series — a line of sodas characterized by the moods they evoke, rather than their flavor. Coca-Cola describes the soda as "A taste inspired by transformation," and the vague description has inspired fans to try the product for themselves, and post their theories online.
According to TikTok, popular guesses are strawberry, vanilla, cream soda, cherry, and cotton candy, while other guesses across the internet include coconut, popcorn, rosé, and most unusually, sun tan lotion. It is unknown whether the truth behind this mysterious, divisive beverage will ever bubble to the surface.