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The Intimidating Food Scam To Watch Out For On Vacation
Going on vacation entails plenty of new experiences, and trying new foods is one of them. But while many people you meet on the vacation may be friendly and welcoming, some have no problems conning a naïve tourist to make a quick buck.
Such was the case for a mother and daughter duo enjoying a lunch of crab legs and mojitos at a beachfront restaurant in Mykonos, Greece, during their summer vacation. They felt they were being scammed when they saw the bill was worth a whopping 598 euros, equivalent to US $640, and instead of settling the issue, the restaurant owners intimidated them.

TripSavvy offers three simple tips to remember when dining in a restaurant, and the first tip is to ask for a full menu at any restaurant to see what options are provided and the costs. The second tip is to always ask for a bill containing precisely what was ordered and double-check it, and the last tip is to research the country’s restaurant norms.